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Professional Phone Answering Service

Every business is unique with their own journey and set of challenges. Our professional, Australian-Based Phone Answering team offer premium personal messaging and hotlines. Our service is perfect for out-of-hours, overflow, weekends, public holidays and transferring of urgent calls.

Our Clients:

Our Clients:

Never miss an opportunity with Soi's Phone Answering Service.

22 Years Experience

Personallised Approach

22 Years Experience


Using our phone answering service you won’t miss a single opportunity and or call, when you are away, out of service, unavailable, in a meeting or on a job. SOI’s phone answering team is always on your side and you can rest easy, knowing you are always connected with your clients and your clients aren’t wondering away to your opposition.

Always ready for your call, our SOI receptionists will answer with professional care, as our phone answering service will allow you to stay focused on what you do best. Whether it’s a few calls or many, we are confident in our ability to handle each call professionally and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

Our Phone Answering Services improve customer satisfaction and create lasting relationships to enhance your callers experience. Our phone answering service is a practical, simple, cost-effective hassle-free complete solution to manage your major source of leads, opportunities, bring in new business and to create lasting relationships with valued customers. 

From phone answering to scheduling appointments, our professionally-trained phone answering services in Australia can do it all, so you can focus on what’s important.
Our phone answering service creates quality leads and opportunities and improves sales by proving information about your services, qualifying potential jobs, pre-filtering and prioritizing inquiries by checking if your business provide specific services or to locations, so if you’re away on a job no potential leads go without a response.
Satisfaction Guaranteed- for you and your Customers

Never Miss a Call

Your competition is waiting to pick up your missed opportunities. Have SOI’s team on your side.

Hassle Free

Get up and running within 24 hours. Rest easy, knowing you are always connected with your clients. 

Maintain a Professional Look

Our friendly receptionists are professionals, trained to work with your business. Create a customer service haven by relying on a professional team. 

Complete Virtual Solutions

From receptionists & scheduling to locations, we offer a complete suite of virtual services to support your business. 

Benefits For You

Why SOI's Phone Answering Service?

Did you know that over 80% of customers won’t leave a voicemail and will call your next competitor if you can’t answer your phone? Don’t miss a single opportunity. By joining SOI with our phone answering service, you gain access to the following benefits to help support you throughout your business journey:

Troubles with staff?

It’s difficult to hire staff and even harder to keep them. The time taken to train, manage and motivate them can be better allocated to growing and operating your business. Be focused and take control of your company with SOI.

Give your customers the best experience possible.

Remember you never have a second chance to make a first impression. A phone answering service will answer your calls & speak to your clients on your behalf when you cannot. 

Invest in the right things.

Paying wages and finding time to purchase extra equipment for new employees can be a high cost investment. Get your money to work more efficiently with SOI.

Take control of your business & your time.

Our phone answering professional will handle the quick exchanges, lengthy conversations, basic tasks and queries, so you can focus on your business and what’s important to you.
We know that you are busy.

Specialised Operators.

 A good call handling organization can help relieve the stress of handling day-to-day tasks and tedious phone calls, letting you handle the bigger picture. Choose between basic phone answering service or an SOI Receptionist Answer. Calls are managed, distributed and updated into your CRM platform instantly!

Scalable Solutions

We provide tailored solutions accommodating the business needs of sole traders up to enterprise level businesses. No matter your size, you can grow your business knowing you have the support team behind you to take any volume of calls your business generates.

Let Us Help You Grow

How It Works.

SOI complete suite of phone answering services supports your business, relieving the stress of handling day-to-day tasks so you can focus on your business, working on a job, or if you are out of service or unavailable and giving you peace of mind.


Your Customer Calls.

Your customer calls your business on a number provided by us, or your existing number diverted to us.


SOI Receptionist Answer

SOI Receptionist answers with your business name and follows your instructions.


Calls are managed / distributed as to your specific instructions.

Calls can be transferred and announced, or a message taken and emailed/sms’d/ updated into your CRM platform instantly.

Case Studies

Fantastic client results.

Don’t just take our word, hear what our valued customers are saying about our services.

Popular Professions

Who's this suited for?

Our SOI Phone Answering Service is handled with experienced operators that have worked in a variety of specialist industries. Trained in-house for nuances of each profession, and dedicated to working with you and your business. You don’t need to worry about compatibility with your systems, as we’ll integrate with your existing software and processes to smoothly operate within your company. Receive comprehensive onboarding with a dedicated customer service manager.


“SOI has made my life so much easier…My patients are happy, I am happy and get immediate notification about the calls and outcomes. As my business grows I will further engage SOI as they offer such a diverse range of assistance. Best decision of 2021!”

The Movement-Workshop- Physiotherapy


“I am now able to concentrate on my business and continue client visits which we were unable to do before SOI started answering our calls.

Love your service.  This is fantastic!”

Phillip Efthimiou
PWK Group

Enterprise Businesses

“Thank you SOI, if there was anything good that came out of Covid and the extended Melbourne lockdowns, it was SOI, thank you Grishma, Willie, and the amazing receptionists, you are incredible professionals…”

Top Docs


“Enlisting the help of SOI  has been the best thing I’ve done for my business. The team is extremely efficient and always polite. It’s an absolute pleasure working with them. I know the tasks will be attended to which gives me huge peace of mind. I highly recommend this company.”

Dr Shami


“My patients have said they love speaking with the SOI team, as they are professional, friendly and happy with every call.

Feels good to have a life and not worry about the calls anymore.”

Ettalong Podiatry

And many more...

Your customer calls your business on a number provided by us, or your existing number diverted to us.

Arrange a Chat With Us

Let us help you grow.

Every business is unique, with their own journey story and set of challenges. We’d love to learn more
about yours, and help find a solution tailored for you and your growth.


We are very flexible and work with each individual company to work on the best lease term for them. The most common are 3, 6 and 12 month leases. Let us know what your preferred lease term is.

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